MYdrap from DBA Products

MYdrap napkins and placemats on a roll have taken Europe by storm. This ingenious product, manufactured in Barcelona, has already become a staple for high end restaurants and event companies here in the UK, and is now available to the general public through a network of retail shops, online and mail order.

This high-quality product has a luxurious feel and comes in 6 sizes and more than 20 colours and patterns. The napkins and placements are made from 100% cotton and come on rolls of either 12, 20 or 25 which are perforated and can be torn off as required. MYdrap napkins and placements can be used a single time and recycled or can be washed and reused at least six times.

MYdrap napkins are already in use in many of the country’s leading restaurants, event companies, airlines and hotels. The product’s success is due to its amazing quality and versatility and is the perfect partner for every day, casual and formal dining tables. We also offer a bespoke MYdrap service to our catering trade customers.

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